This Magento enthusiast shrieks loudly:

“Batten Down
Hatches, Bucko!”

Dear Friend and Visitor,


It's a war out there.


Developers are fighting relentlessly each day on the wild and unpredictable waters of the Magento development.


They try very hard to stay on board...


...but often jump off to the side and abandon the ship looking for comfort in more secure and predictable frameworks.


The rest that stays onboard is complaining everywhere about how hard, annoying, and downright wrong is to work with Magento, and how are they in the business just for the money.


And they are right if it comes to money...


... as diving deep into Magento development can bring you a shiny pot of gold...


...but it comes only after paying a serious price first, which unquestionably is...


Your Own Free Time!


Besides trading your time, you have to deal with stress, strict deadlines, calls, and most often with Magento core malfunctions, external modules not co-operating (yet again!), and last, but not least, back-and-forth game with Magento Support about trivial questions.


If you want to remain on board you have to be deadly serious, and tough.


like... real tough.


My name is Peter Rusin, and I've created a mailing list to make your sailing in troubled waters a little bit easier... if you...


◆  are just starting with the Magento development, and want to understand project structure, and what's needed to make proper adjustments to the existing codebase


◆  want to build custom frontend or backend route, and display it using fairly unconventional, yet effective Magento's MVVMC flow


◆  wonder how to aggregate, display, and filter data in the admin panel


◆  are having difficulties understanding how layouts are working, what are layout handles, and how Magento is dealing with them


◆  couldn't get a solid grasp over ambiguous UI components, so what's needed to set them up, how to pass something through PHP, and the main pros and cons of using them in your project


◆  encountered a super-heavy class that instantiating on each request would be a major performance bottleneck


◆  need to overwrite the result of one of the methods, some of its arguments, or just the entire method itself


◆  wonder how to create a custom payment or shipping method from scratch


◆  want to extend customer, his address, category, or product with additional attributes with a deep

understanding of the process, and without bluntly copy-pasting outdated StackOverflow answers


◆  wonder how to code professionally in a long term without burning out and withering in the process


◆  wonder what are events and observers and how Magento is using them across the core codebase


◆  want to know how autoloading works in Magento, and what magic is behind the curtain that you don't have to include / require_once any files


◆  want to know how to overcome common developer struggles like imposter syndrome, self-sabotaging, handling (and also giving) constructive criticism, managing peer-to-peer communication, finding valid and dependable sources of information


◆  wonder what ObjectManager is, when it's used, and when it shouldn't be used


◆  are persistent, patient, willing to learn, and fail along the way to ultimately master your development skillset


◆  found it troubling to understand what is Multi-Source Inventory is and how it works


◆  want to know what's the basic order flow, so how and when the status changes, and what documents are created in the process


◆  wonder why and how totals are collected


◆  want to know more about setup scripts that help to organize any database changes in a meaningful way


◆  wonder what indexers are


◆  want to demystify Magento's quote


◆  don't understand how URL rewrites are generated and work in the Magento


◆  want to know how to execute SQL queries to fetch data straight from the database


◆  want to understand Magento's Model-ResourceModel-Collection triad


◆  are not shortsighted, and lazy


...then this list might be a perfect fit for your inbox. But before bluntly jumping in I have to warn you.


This newsletter is NOT for everyone.


I message my email list weekly.


I'm also writing about things that may suit only ambitious developers. There is no hacky-wacky thing inside there.


I despise laziness as it's a killer of growth. I don’t want to deal with lazy people, so please DO NOT subscribe to this list if you are one of them.


I also give my honest opinions about the market and our industry that are rarely written because of a fear of the wrath from above.


If you prefer not to be disturbed, do yourself a favor and DO NOT subscribe to this newsletter.


Unless you've already scratched the surface and faced this 800-pound gorilla there is a lot of struggling and frustration ahead of you.


But it doesn't have to be painful.


Certainly enough, it doesn't have to be boring.



Peter Rusin


P.S. If you are one of the "all-certificates-passed" seasoned pros you could still benefit from this newsletter as I frequently shout out about the most prominent people from my list.

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