My name is Piotr Rusin. I am living in Poland, and I’m a software engineer specializing in e-commerce implementations of the Magento framework. I’m working remotely only. Some more details about me:

Certifications & Licenses

April 2022 | Adobe Certified Expert — Adobe Commerce Developer
January 2022 | Adobe Certified Professional — Adobe Commerce Developer

Work Experience

December 2022 – now | Senior Magento Developer at MODIVO S.A.
December 2021 – December 2022 | Senior Magento Developer at Convert Group AS
February 2019 – December 2021 | Magento Developer at ClawRock
March 2015 – January 2018 | WordPress Developer at


⌬ Hands-on commercial experience with Magento 2 and PWA studio
⌬ Two Adobe Commerce Developer certificates (Professional/Expert Developer)
⌬ Worked solely with Magento for the last 3+ years and as a web developer for 6+ years
⌬ Self-motivated, proactive, and good at working in an environment with limited supervision
⌬ Understanding of web services in Magento (GraphQL, REST, SOAP), and Magento architecture
⌬ Familiarity with good object-oriented programming methodologies and clean code rules
⌬ Experienced with agile methodologies and the full software delivery lifecycle
⌬ Ability to propose new ideas, perform feasibility analyses, and scope work
⌬ Experienced developing relational MySQL databases using the Magento framework
⌬ Effectively documented complex functionality in code and documentation
⌬ Experienced in coding that complies with web standards and accessibility requirements
⌬ English proficiency – C1
⌬ Experienced with Docker containers, Linux, git, and Continous Integration platforms (Drone, TeamCity, CircleCI)
⌬ Organization skills – scheduling, prioritizing, planning, tracking
⌬ Integration of highly customized third-party solutions using the Magento framework
⌬ Experienced using debugger tools such as xDebug to identify causes of the bugged software
⌬ Reviewed others’ code to ensure delivery of high-quality functionality and participate in an environment of learning
⌬ Ready to take technical leadership

Open Source Contributions

JS Layout Parser – Lightweight Magento 2 module that was created to make work with $jsLayout less spaghetti, and more object-oriented.
System Configuration Toolkit – Magento 2 module that shows the sort order of system configuration’s tabs, sections, groups, and fields. It also helps you to see full field paths.


December 2021 | Magento Developer Peter Rusin in an Interview with Cloudways

Podcast Appearances

March 2022 | Smash the Bug – Peter’s Modules Make Life Easy