Dear Friend and Visitor,

I’d like to personally welcome you to a place where you can learn more about Magento.

My name is Piotr Rusin, I am a Senior Magento Developer, and I’m working with Magento for over 3 years (as of January 2022).

A little background of myself:
I started my commercial career as a WordPress developer back in 2015, got laid off, and after a harder period that lasted a couple of months I started working with Magento.

My life then changed a lot. It was my first remote position ever, and I struggled with peer-to-peer communication and Magento’s way of doing things.

My first days with Magento were painful. There were hardly any materials available back then besides official devdocs that to this day are still lacking newbie-friendly tutorials.

But well… time is an essence in many things, so it was in my process of learning. The longer I worked with that framework, the more I understood what was going on, and the less contempt I felt towards it.

This did not come without serious, and unnecessary pain along the way. In the end, this pain turned out to be something good because it motivated me to create this blog so you could avoid some of it on your journey.

There are two things I enjoy doing the most in my life, and those are (1) organization of events & initiatives (2) helping others to understand what I already know – so sharing knowledge and experience.

This blog tries to do both, in a substantive way. You won’t find here SEO-focused content, because I put no energy at all into SEO-ing. Instead, I focus on delivering content that’s easy to understand and consume.

So… let me tell you about the ways I can help you.

If you are a developer I can help you to understand how Magento works, how you can do things faster, what’s important to look at during development, what are the helpful tools for development, and how Magento itself is working.

If you are a merchant, consultant, manager, or working within an agency I can help you to get current knowledge about the Magento, so everything related to certifications, communities, and incoming changes you should be aware of.

I’m posting about both technical, and non-technical topics. You can navigate through specific topics using top navigation links.

Once again, thank you for your visit, and… see you around.

Peter Rusin