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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate PASSED (2/12)

I woke up at 4:55 am, barely conscious. I took a quick cold shower, and I started preparing for online check-in in ProctorVUE. My wishful thinking about lack of connection issues turned out to be very naive. Apartment's Wi-Fi was just... not working at all. I used mobile hotspot instead.

I was very sleepy throughout the exam but that hotspot was merciful enough to not disconnect until the very end.

After about 2 hours I submitted exam but this time there was no indicator whether I passed it or not. I had to wait. Luckily - not long. I arrived at PGE (4developers venue) at 9 am after having light breakfast, and, around 11 am, I received an email from Credly. I passed it.

I'm sitting in a train right now, going back to Pszczyna, and I'm really exhausted. I have just enough mental capacity to rest and read few pages of Akira (a manga series). This was the first and last time I approached any certification that early in the morning.

I'm starting preparation for a Developer – Associate tomorrow.

Score: 738

Study Period: 10 days (~59h)

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