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AWS Certified Developer – Associate PASSED (3/12)

I woke up at 7 am refreshed after yesterday's hiking. I started preparing my desk for the exam, and shortly after I did routine photos of myself, my ID, and my surroundings.

Then, I landed in a queue.

For all the previous exams this queue was about 3-5 people long, and it took me less than 3-5 minutes to connect with a proctor.

But not today.

Today my place in queue was... 26.

I launched Candy Crush Saga on my mobile, and ended up waiting 10+ minutes for my proctor.

Then, I proceeded with an exam without any additional issues.

Questions seemed easier compared to the ones from SAA. I had more of those "AHA" moments you get when you know the answer.

It's 8:45 pm, and I'm still waiting for the results (it's the longest I've been waiting so far)

UPDATE (May 2, 2023): I got confirmation that I passed it.

Score: 789

Study Period: 12 days (~49h30m)

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