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Dear Reader,

Welcome to rusin.work - a blog where you can experience the world of software craftsmanship, cloud, and effective communication. My name is Piotr Rusin, and I'll be your host.

So what exactly are we going to talk about?

Well... you've probably got a grasp by looking at the header and first paragraph.

We are going to talk about software, and communication. A lot.

Software craftsmanship, software engineering, software development methodologies, software design, software architecture, and just plain software development a.k.a programming.

Pretty long list, right? But don't worry, you will manage that with ease.

I'll tell you something about my motivations, and leave it up to your judgment if this place does suit you, and you want to stay here. If it does not, then there are plenty of other places you can spend your time on.

Let's jump into the story.

Since the beginning of my school days, I had a problem with studying and getting stuff done. I'm bad at remembering theories, and various rules if I don't see how I can apply in practice (some things remain unchanged - up to this day I lean towards pragmatism in everyday life). I performed pretty poorly in high school because of that, but it's mostly theory, so well...

It all changed when I was about 13 years old.

In the school which I attended, it was possible to opt for extracurricular classes. And one of them was programming. I enthusiastically signed up for it because I liked computers in general, and...

It was the best decision I made in my entire life!

Even though we worked on very old machines, those classes turned out to be the first time I programmed anything in my life. I got exhaustively hooked on it. Programming was a missing piece in my life.

Thanks to its direct feedback loop (either it works or not) finally, after few years of struggling I was able to make sense of all of it - I found my purpose.

Fast-forward into present day, I'm a programming enthusiast, and I'm here to share what I learned along the years, or what I'm learning at the moment. I'm posting anything about software, cloud, or communication that I genuinely find interesting, and worth sharing.

The introduction is past us, so here are a few words about navigation and commenting.

You can navigate by clicking on the links in the header. As of now, there are posts, a library, and resources. Labels are pretty self-explanatory, right?

Commenting system is based on GitHub issues and the Utterances bot, so before you will be able to comment you need to authenticate through GitHub.

Let's learn something new together.

Piotr Rusin

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