How To Get Attention And Gather BIG Audience

So, I’ve been watching The Futur today.

Premise of the video was: How To Get Attention In The Market.

It starts with the part about


You know… social media is not your portfolio – don’t brag about yourself, nobody cares about that.

Create content that engage people to talk with you.

Be responsive, and…

Do something a lil’ bit different.

Pick niche. Master it. Stand out of the crowd.

Also, (this is important) provide value to your audience AND engage with people in a genuine way.

Remember, all the knowledge that is out there in the world is meaningless if you can’t find a way to apply it.

If it comes to decision making you have to


You have to agree that it’s far better to sail on the calm waters than on the savage storm.

So… don’t make your decisions from the place of fear.

Getting back home happy (and alive!) out of making a successfully negotiated deal will be far more satisfying than letting the circumstances and fear rule it out.

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