How to use PHPStorm built-in server

PHPStorm is shipped with a thing called Built-In Server which is an API that you can use to open any file in your project through IDE.

There are two prerequisites to make it work:
(1) PHPStorm project must be opened locally
(2) requested file must exist

Base URL looks like this: http://localhost:63342/api/file/

You can append any path that exists in your project to open it locally. For example, let’s say you want to open Magento_Catalog’s registration.php file:

The link is going to look like this:

And you can test it for yourself here.

You are probably going to see this warning:

Decide by yourself if I’m trustworthy enough.

And if you want to disable those warnings permanently, go to PHPStorm settings: Build, Execution, Deployment -> Debugger and check Allow unsigned requests and press OK.