Piotr Rusin

Distributed Systems Engineer


Software Development

The Pragmatic Programmer is a must-read for any developer. The authors list a set of tips to follow along the development journey. All tips are thoughtfully explained. Highly recommend this one for ambitious people – this book puts a new perspective on the concepts that seem trivial but lead to a higher-quality codebase and better understanding.

A gem that walks you through a path to achieving rapid development which (as it turns out) is unlikely to happen in most companies. The book statements are vastly based on research papers that are always referenced. Strong recommendation for anyone working in the software development industry – be it developer, lead dev, architect, or project manager.


Steve Krug’s pragmatic approach to website design helps you to look at development from a different perspective. In his own words, he describes his work as “just telling people obvious things”. It’s definitely recommended to read even if you are not directly involved in UI designing as those obvious things he says to change the way you look at web development.


Effective communication isn't just a talent that some people are born with - it's a skill that anyone can master, and this book will show you how. Enter the world of Messages: The Communication Skills Book by Matthew McKay, where you'll discover a treasure trove of tips and tricks to elevate your daily communication to the next level.


This book describes psychological struggles during negotiations, explains why you should avoid neediness of any sort, and why making assumptions might lead to disaster. It’s worth reading even if you are not directly involved in business negotiations as this knowledge is to some degree universal, and can help you become more assertive and persuasive in your life.