This Guy Went To The Jail And Made Millions Out Of It

So… who am I talking about?

Not clicking? It’s Gary Halbert.

If you are a copywriter and do not know him, shame on you.

This man is an absolute legend that made a copy that was sent probably to everyone in the U.S (up to 7 times!). The ad was named Coats Of Arms (google it necessarily)

I’m getting highly infulenced by his newsletters and books…

…already half-way on the Boron Letters.

Getting prep`n`ready for the “Maximum Profit In Minimum Time” next on.

Today I learned about SRDS list (a lil relict of the past) that he utilized and recommended to get the best possible lists of potential clients.

After five-sec google I found out a reddit thread that said more about modern-time usage of this:

Anyway, to clarify the headline.


Halbert went to jail and the whole “Boron Letters” is made of letters that he sent to his son Bond.

It’s about midnight, time for zzzZzZZZ…. sleep.

This was my first entry of a series of daily posts about the stuff that I learned.

Progress bar…. LOADING.

Copywriting mastery in progress…

Up to next time,


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