The Six Essentials Of Successful Sales Letter

I’ve been reading Robert Collier Letter Book lately and here is how he got it covered.

  1. Opening – you have to get reader’s attention and interest
  2. Explaination – picture outlining details of your offer
  3. Reason Why – describe the benefits, what product/offer will do for him, comfort, pleasure, or the profits he will get out of it
  4. Proof / Confidence – use testimonials out of past customers, put up money-back guarantee
  5. Penalty – persuade prospect to act NOW, you want to avoid giving him time to think it through – limited offer, loss in money, prestige or any other opportunity
  6. Close – tell prospect exactly what to do and how to do it to order

The most difficult task is to win prospect confidence and his belief in your statements.

That is the reason why there are so many guarantees and free-frial offers around.

After closing a sale, your hardest job is done.


Because customer believes in you.

You have sold him something and it proved that your claims were true so he feels safe when you present him any further buy offers.

It is not unusual for the first follow-up to customers that previously bought from you to be able to sell 10 percent of your list of any related product.

That leads us to the most important essential in selling:

Convincing reason-why your price is lower or why your product quality is higher or what someone can get by purchasing it.

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