The Gary Halbert Letters Organized In Chronological Order

The Gary Halbert Letter

The Amazing Direct Mail Secret Of A Desperate Nerd From Ohio!

The One Advantage

Improve Your Response Without Changing A Word Of Your Copy!

A “Fighter Pilot” Attitude!

Separating World-Class Copywriters From Lesser Brethren!

Are You Guilty Of Committing These 10 Stupid Things?

The ABC’s Of Protecting Your Customer List!

Hands On Experience For A Basic Education In Advertising Principles!

Little Blue Books!

How To Use 976 Numbers To Get People To Pay To Hear Your Sales Pitch!

Do It By The Numbers!

How To Make Your Advertising 750% More Profitable! MISSING page 103-110 

What Every Catalog Mailer Does Wrong!

It Was A Vertitable Orgy Of Ideas

How To Get A Product To Sell If You Don’t Have One Already… And… How To Get It For Nothing!


The Dark Side Of Success! MISSING page 159-166 

Giving It Your Best Shot On Your Very First Test!

How To Cash In Big By Using Contests And Sweepstakes To Hype Your Promotions!

I Suggest You Commit “Image Suicide”!

How To Use Cheap Little Classified Ads To Make As Much As $10,000 Per Day!

How To Write Killer Headlines!

How To Get Movie And TV Stars To Help You Sell Your Products And Services!

The Two Most Important Direct Marketing Success Secrets In The World!

You Can’t Know What You Don’t Know!

Vanity Radio!

I Have Approximately The Same Talent For Management That A Pig Has For Solving Geometry Problems!

Price Is Relative!

Why You Must Eliminate The “Human Deadwood” From Your Life!

The First Step If You Are At Ground Zero!

Why I Am The Best Copywriter Alive (I’m Even Better Than The Ones Who Are Dead)!

You Don’t Have To Get It Perfect, You Just Got To Get It Going!

What’s Good About The Best Of Them! MISSING page 299-310 MISSING page 313-324 MISSING page 327-334 MISSING page 335-342 MISSING page 343-344 MISSING page 345-354 MISSING page 357-364 MISSING page 365-372 MISSING page 373-380 MISSING page 381-388 MISSING page 382-408 MISSING page 409-416 

How To “Sweeten” Your Profits! MISSING page 425-432 MISSING page 433-440 MISSING page 441-448 MISSING page 449-468 MISSING page 469-476 MISSING page 477-484 MISSING page 485-492 MISSING page 493-494 MISSING page 495-496 

Where The Money Is… And… How To Get It!

Direct Response MISSING page 513-520 MISSING page 521-528 

Guru Gary’s Guide To Things To Think About When Times Are Tough! MISSING page 537-544 MISSING page 545-552 MISSING page 553-560 MISSING page 561-572

The Halbert Index! MISSING page 581-588 MISSING page 591-598 MISSING page 599-606 MISSING page 607-618 MISSING page 619-626 MISSING page 627-634 MISSING page 635-642 MISSING page 643-649 

Let’s Do The Twist! MISSING page 659-666 

Greatest Marketing Breakthrough Comes Out Of The Closet! MISSING page 675-682 MISSING page 684-691 MISSING page 692-699 MISSING page 700-707 MISSING page 708-715 MISSING page 716-723 MISSING page 724-731 MISSING page 732-739 MISSING page 740-747 MISSING page 748-753 MISSING page 756 MISSING page 757-764 MISSING page 765-772 MISSING page 773-780 MISSING page 781-788 MISSING page 789-800 MISSING page 801-812 

Meditation For Miserable People Who Want To Stay That Way!

Let’s Give Castration A Chance! MISSING page 829-836 MISSING page 837-844 MISSING page 845-852 MISSING page 853-860 MISSING page 861-871

Neurological Imprinting! MISSING page 881-889 MISSING page 890-901 MISSING page 902-915 MISSING page 916-924 

Mindset MISSING page 934-942 

Little Bill Gates MISSING page 952-959 

All Post Offices Are NOT Created Equal!

I Can Be A Real Asshole Sometimes!

Why “Thoughtless” Writing Is The Best Writing!

Financial Sodomy Inc.!

Why The Best Way To Promote A Website Is Not The Internet!

How To Make Money With Your Personal Computer!

How You Should Start Everyday For The Rest Of Your Life!

More Stock Trading Secrets!

How To Live To Be 110… And… Still Remember Where You Left Your Car Keys!

The World Is Your Urinal!

Remember Y2K? I Sure Do… And… How I Was Wrong About It!

Why You Must Avoid People Who Are Scared Shitless!

A Few Marketing Secrets Never Before Revealed!

The Most Valuable Skill You Can Have In Today’s World…If…You Want To Become Independently Wealthy!

How To Set Up An Immediately-Profitable Website!

The Only Thing That Makes Any Positive Difference In Your Life! MISSING page 1100-1115 MISSING page 1116-1123 

“The Suck”!

Grout Sponge! MISSING page 1140-1155 (END)

Boron Letters



The letter order was copied out of an already non-existing website called Traffic + Conversion.

I added post titles myself based on Web Archive and current version of


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