Campaign + Offers + Landing Pages Flow Explained

I aim this post for newbies and I want to give general explanation what is the basic flow of campaign + offers + landing pages no matter what tracker you are using (there might be slight variations when setting up in tracker-by-tracker basis but core concept remains the same as I’m aware)

I’ll let myself paste a quote and then my answer below

Can you please clarify something? My example landing page URL is: and the tracker’s url is Offer URL is, Click id value for all is ClickId, and token is: {clickid} When editing a campaign’s landing page, what URL do I enter? (provide an example please.) What URL do I enter for Offer URL? (provide an example please.) What URL do I enter for Final Destination URL? (provide an example please.) What URL do I use for the CTA button (Watch Video Button) on my landing page that leads to the Network’s (Offer’s) Video Sales Letter Page? Where do I find these various URLs in the network or tracker settings? Thank you.

So from the start:

OFFER URL – the one you get from your affiliate network. In most cases you’ll need to add additional info like clickid to this link. This is

CLICK URL – this is the url that you use in your lander, in Watch Video button. You can find your click URL in the tracker settings and need to look for Tracking URLs / Click URL’s For Landing Pages. This was the most confusing part for me personally at the beginning – ALL landers have THE SAME click url that you can find in the settings. Redirect to the offer is managed by tracker itself not your landing page. So you redirect to click url and tracker redirects user to the offer (based on campaign settings). In most cases click url will look something like this: or

LANDER URL – this is your landing page url in a place that you hosted it. This is

CAMPAIGN URL – this is the URL that you copy-paste into your traffic source and this is the URL users will be redirected at the beginning. Having separate CAMPAIGN URL instead of going straight to the lander makes it easier to test everything. You can test multiple offers with one lander and set different importance (weight) of each offer. Tracker will manage to split traffic to all of the offers in exact way you set it up. The same goes for landers – you can have multiple landers in one campaign and set importance (weight) of each one and tracker will split traffic to all of the landers in exact way you set it up. This way you can have campaign with multiple landers and multiple offers so CLICK URL should make more sense now – you can use one lander to test multiple offers in one campaign. This is

so flow is like this:
traffic source redirects user to CAMPAIGN URL

tracker checks campaign settings and determine which lander should it point user at -> redirect user to LANDER URL

user interacts with lander and clicks CTA (Watch Video button) -> redirect user to CLICK URL

tracker checks which offer should it redirect user to -> redirect user to OFFER URL

Hope this make sense!

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