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You have to admit that setting up offers, especially when joining to the new affiliate network is painful.

  • What parameters affiliate network requires?
  • What tracker tokens do I need to pass?
  • How to connect those two together?

Those are the questions that you might ask yourself when joining to the new network.

And when you are total newbie  it’s even worse – you don’t know what are tokens, parameters and why you should connect them in URL which makes everything even more complicated.

After you set up some new offers you start to remember what tokens needs to be matched with what parameters or you create template that replaces them automatically.

Question is: Why should you remember this?
Answer: There is NO reason.

I’d like to present you a tool that will change a way you setup your offers in tracker forever.

Offer Url Generator

Idea to code it came to my mind after setting up yet another offer.

I asked myself – is there something I could do to simplify the whole process?

Setting up tracking and postbacks and pixels and campaigns and landing pages was confusing for me when I was starting and is still confusing for newbies.

Answer: Basic (Newbie-friendly) template!

This tool only job is to prepare offer url in a way that you can paste it directly into your tracker.

It removes any prior thinking about which tokens and parameters to use.

Everything is stupid simple.

  1. Paste raw offer URL (copied from your affiliate network)
  2. Select Affiliate Network
  3. Select Tracker

Done. Basic tokens like clickid, trafficsource ID, campaign ID are appended to the offer that you pasted.

You can now copy it and paste directly into your tracker and go on with the campaign setup.

Tool link: HERE

List of supported affiliate networks:

  • Clickdealer
  • Mobipium
  • Mobidea
  • Aragon
  • SmartAdv
  • Private CPA
  • CPA Affiliates Network
  • Sinum Vendo
  • AdsMain
  • Natifico
  • AdVidi
  • Monetise
  • Gotzha
  • Fluent
  • FRST
  • Media
  • Wewemedia

List of supported trackers:

  • Binom
  • Funnel Flux
  • Voluum

To make everything even more straightforward this tool supports following url parameters:

Those parameters are dynamically updated when you change both affiliate network and tracker selects.

Clickdealer + Voluum…rk=clickdealer + Binom…twork=hakamobi
Mobidea + Funnel Flux…etwork=mobidea

When you access the link all you have to do is just paste raw offer url to get it nicely formatted and ready to use in your tracker.

Bookmarking your Affiliate Network + Tracker link is highly advised.

This is super-alpha version that might be bugged somewhere (tested it tho and was working).

It took me few hours to code two days ago and you get it completely FOR FREE

Any feedback from you will be much appreciated.

If you like it and your tracker or network that you are using isn’t on the list – no worries – adding new networks and trackers requires close to no effort.

Lastly – in case someone would be worried that something sketchy is going in the background:
– this is pure javascript application (React)
– no offer URLs are sent anywhere
– it does not change URLs for my personal gain

This is part of an Affiliate Toolkit that I want to create to make basic setup less complicated for newbies (but not only)

Hope you like it

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